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About Us

We are travellers, like you. documents places that we have travelled to, serving as memory as well as a knowledge base for travelers or backpackers like us who google the Internet to plan for an adventure.

As more friends and family asked about our travel experiences and suggestions, we try to document it here in order to benefit the wider audience (And so we don’t need to repeat it 100x times).

What exactly do we write:

  • Air Travel Reviews – Various airlines from Economy Class to occasional Business Class experiences.
  • Hotel Reviews – From backpacking style budget friendly hotels to luxury hotels when we feel like treating ourselves well.
  • Travel Tips – Places that we’ve explored and would like to recommend it you
  • Singapore Food – When we are not travelling, we try out various food from small stalls to tourists packed restaurants.
  • Points & Miles – It’s a hobby. Getting award tickets for airplanes or award nights at five stars hotels is like striking a jackpot, we gained satisfaction by doing that.

*We paid for all of our expenses, unless otherwise stated.

Feel free to drop me a mail – roamingalpaca[[at]]

If you find my post useful, please leave a comment.