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  • Economy Redemption : SIN-PNG Roundtrip.

    Malaysia Airlines – Is Enrich Redemption Still Worth It?

    While surfing for another vacation destination, a friend talks about Malaysian Airline’s Enrich redemption. While many believe that it is no longer worth keeping their membership, I somehow still have faith with them, especially their period-to-period 50% discounted redemption. Looking to go for a short vacation during 2016’s valentines weekend? Let’s see what’s the rate […]

  • Air Asia SIN BKI Review Legroom

    AirAsia SIN-BKI Smooth Budget Ride and Chicken Briyani

    Sometimes you really feel like flying. Even though you know that last minute purchase of an air ticket would most likely be expensive, you still check multiple airline websites to see if you are lucky. For us, we thought we were lucky. We were able to secure two last minute one way (with less than 4 […]

  • Jetstar 3K 533 Budget Airline Emergency exit seats legroom

    Photo Review: Jetstar SIN-HKT Phuket in Budget

    We went for a short getaway to Phuket, Thailand in November last year. As it was a last minute trip and it was a short flight, after comparing what was available, we decided to take Jetstar, a budget airline in our region. Jetstar SIN-HKT Flight details Airline: Jetstar Aircraft: Airbus A320 Flight No: 3K533. Codeshare […]

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